MBB Orb FlatMind, Body, and BUSINESS Conference

About the Conference

The Mind, Body, & BUSINESS™ Conference is a unique,1-Day Event. It was created to Explore the Connection between what’s going on in our personal spheres (whether physical, spiritual, or mental, good or bad), and how it directly impacts how we conduct and run our businesses.

The entire MBB Conference is dedicated to providing a forum of much-needed tools, resources and support for our fellow Entrepreneurs.

The MBB Conference Has Something for Everyone

Workshops & Presenters Mind, Body, and BUSINESS Conference 2017

Workshops & Presenters

Health Screenings Mind, Body, and BUSINESS Conference 2017

Health & Wellness

Business Networking Mind, Body, and BUSINESS Conference 2017

Business Networking

Healthy Cooking Demos Mind, Body, and BUSINESS Conference 2017

Food & Nutrition

Technology Mind, Body, and BUSINESS Conference 2017


Come Enjoy, Learn, and Network! Or Showcase your Business, Get Exposure, and Connect with Potential Customers!

It’s All About YOU.  Explore the Connection with Us!


MBB Orb FlatMind, Body, and BUSINESS Conference

2016 MBB Highlights

Didn’t make it to last year’s MBB Conference? Check out some of the highlights!


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Praise for MBB 2016

  • From the very first [PBCi] event I attended, I could tell that the professionals there knew to expect a quality event.  Your attendees know the environment will always be one that fosters good business.  PBCi has set a high standard, and your attendees are never disappointed.  

    - L. Jones Owner/Director of Events Plan Ahead Events of Central Fort Lauderdale
  • PBCi networking events have landed me multiple present and [potential] customers.

    - D. Harris President Deerealist Techs
  • I had a fantastic time. I was able to unwind after a long day of work, but also to connect with really strong business contacts. Attending PBCi events is always beneficial to me on both a business & personal level.

    - Art of Business Attendee
  • [PBCi] seminars and workshops have been invaluable in providing much needed information on vital services needed by small businesses. We look forward to PBCI workshops and entrepreneurial summits for the information and networking opportunities they provide for my company.

    - R. Phillips President RST Motors
  • If you're looking to expand your network and strengthen the bedrock of your business then you need to attend these events.

    - Network & Nosh Attendee
  • We stopped going to networking events a while ago because we found them to be a waste of our time...PBCi puts on events that are not only informative, they are fun! Check out the next one...Odds are I will be there.

    - K. Cherry CEO Refresh Live


About Anne Kolb Nature Center

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The Miramar Cultural Center/ArtsPark is a collaborative effort of many who share a fundamental commitment to the arts as essential to building a strong and vibrant community. It is the perfect place to see a live performance, enjoy a day of family fun, have a meal, attend a lecture, or stroll through the galleries.




About the Host

PBCi, LLC specializes in business Training, Consulting Services, and Networking.  We offer real-world solutions for small businesses and business start-ups.

We believe in the power of bringing companies, associations, and industries together! PBCi is all about Connectivity. PBCi organizes and hosts: Business Networking Events, Conferences & Conventions,Business Forums & Panels, and more!

Our events center around the idea that education, insight, and strategic alignment can still be enjoyable.

Our mission is to provide purposeful, immediate, and concisely-tailored services, with an ultimate goal of contributing to the prosperity of our customers and our community. Learn more at pbciusa.com

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